Went2it...? Preserve. Share. Compare!


What Makes Went2it Unique? Well, Everything.

Preserve and Share

Preserve your ticketed-experiences in a new format, specifically designed for the task. The category on your dashboard is Major League Baseball; Record previous games and log new ones. Tag Friends, Add Photos and Video, Commentary from the game. Compare game histories and stats with friends – and rivals!

Enhance Your Experience

Memories get better over time; facts blurry. So we provide box scores and game summaries for your games, and track your own personal stats, like Lifetime W-L record, how many times you’ve seen a team or stadium, watched your favorite player hit a home run – If MLB tracks it, we can can share it!

Baseball Is Just the start!

Well be rolling out the other Major U.S. and collegiate sports too. And you will have plenty of non-sports options too, like music concerts, many other live performances like theater or symphony, first run movies and more – all in one convenient dashboard. Logging attendance is just a simple click away.

How we got started

Where did Went2it come from?
We're proud to be superfans and know that you are, too.

We are big fans...just like you. And like you may have done, or still do, we've saved the stubs from every last game we've attended. And guess what? Like they probably did with you, they ended up in a shoebox in the basement collecting dust. Never preserved, never shared...never relived! We wanted to fix this problem - and we have, with Went2it. With our app, you'll be able to record any game you've ever been to in a particular sport, and these will generate all kinds of stats and data that doesn't exist right now in any other way - your own personal history with the sport! In addition to the Braggin' Rights, you'll also see all the various stats and data from that game, so you know exactly what happened on the field, court or ice that day. There are so many features we can list them here, with many more in development!

  • Sports Features

    Game recaps, box scores, sortable stats from your historical games across all leagues

  • Unique data

    winning percentages, events seen, venues attended, earn badges, challenge rivals, hot vs cold streaks, etc.

  • Social

    Tagging friends who attended with you, see who will be at future games that you'll be at

  • Important memories

    First games, important games, amazing games

The Went2it Team

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Jim Haynes

Co-Founder & President
Has saved every last scrap of paper given as a stub since about 1985-ish. Realized his addiction had gotten out of hand when he starting cutting out home-printed tickets.
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Andrew Ulrich

Partner & CTO
Voted “Most Likely to Create the Matrix by 2020”, he makes the thing actually work. Programming for startups up to large corporations, Went2it is a “great idea” without him.
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Serge Traylor

Co-Founder & COO
Created marketing strategy for global brands, and a big sports fan. Also a heartless soul who pitched his stubs – but why not? Went2it didn’t exist yet.


Here are some favorite memories from fans we've talked to. What are some of your favorite memories?